the perfect storm

It begins with a storm, it ends with a storm
It began with a perfect storm, the kind that takes you away, that rises you to the sky and knock’s you on earth. So strong that you are not in Kansas anymore. So strong that it cuts all your wings, no matter how many keep growing inside you. Then you are the storm, you are not just you anymore. Or maybe it was who you were all along. Then it settles, sometimes it raines. But mostly there is sunshine, and warmth. Then there is quiet. It’s like you’ve always been.
It ends with a storm
A perfect one. It comes sudden, it destroys your house, the ground you stand on, the sky from above. Then…it keeps rolling down. For a while it settles. There’s sunshine and quiet. Then another storm knocks you out. And…you’re in kansas again. Waiting for the perfect storm. Again. Now…blink!

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