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1.How are you feeling today?
Guns n roses don’t cry

2.Will you get far in life?
Whitesnake – till the end of time

3.How do your friends see you?
PInk floyd – good bye cruel world

4.Will you get married?
Axel rudi pell – edge of the world

5.What is your best friend’s theme song?
Semne – restless (sa mor de n-a ales shuffle-u)

6.What is the story of your life?
Whitesnake – don’t fade away

7.What was high school like?
Stigma – de-ar curge vodka

8.How can you get ahead in life?
Semne – death comes (repet…shuffle…take me down break my wings i won’t fall)

9.What is the best thing about your friends?
Tapinarii – Astept primul vant…

10.What is in store for this weekend?
Rob dougan furious angels

11.What song describes you?
John frusciante The past recedes

12.To describe your grandparents?
Erica jenings – lovely day

13.How is your life going?
PArodie vorbe (tapi)…deci o parodie:))

14.What song will they play at your funeral?
Iron maiden Fear is the key

15.How does the world see you?
Gabriel TOra – I’m Weak (but my soul is teh soul of the tiger)

16.Will you have a happy life?
Tapinarii dintii cu tesla:))

17.What do your friends really think of you?
Alexandru Andries BKL (BEcali??????)=))

18.Do people secretly lust after you?
Black sabbath Black sabbath

19.How can I make myself happy?
Vonda shephard – what becomes of teh broken hearted

20.What should you do with your life?
Deep purple breakfast in bed:))

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