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at the end of the day

we haven’t spoken in a while. You and I. How have you been? How have we been. Or i? I live day by day. Minute by minute, trying to be the best version of myself every second. Do i succeed? Sometimes. Because other times i’m just a “flawed human i guess” We all are. But you can’t blame anyone for trying. And i try. Sometimes i’m perfect. Sometimes i’m perfectly imperfect. Sometimes i hope. But sometmes i lose faith. Sometimes there is a vail covering my eyes and i can’t see. Sometimes they shine, they laugh. Sometimes i’m alone. Sometimes i’m with people. Sometimes i’m just lonelly. But sometimes i’m not. Sometimes i worry. But sometimes i don’t care. I’m only human i guess. Sometimes i’m a rockstar, but sometimes i’m just another face in the crowd, staring at…life. Sometimes i dream. Because sometimes i sleep. Sometimes i dream with eyes wide openned. Sometimes i sing, i write, i feel. Many times i feel and sometimes i think. sometimes i think about some times.
Sun rises, sun sets. But at the end of the day…i…you know

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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